How we solve PSLE questions

Since 2010, we applied the Bar Model Method for solving PSLE challenging problems at Number and Algebra Strand and beyond in our articles, books and the website

A recent website illustrates the use of the same foundation mathematics in the Bar Model Method for challenging problems at Primary Olympiad Level. 

In this site, we will showcase the foundation mathematics for PSLE questions in an on-line environment.

Problems & Solutions info

We analyse and classify the recent PSLE questions (202 – 2017) into 10 units and use related problems as examples and exercises for practice. The contents are presented in an on-line package of PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS for learning from  primary four to primary six level. 

The on-line package will enable pupils to continue  their learning with more up-to-date problems. 

Pupils can have a preview of the contents. 

News & Update


We are currently updating the contents of PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS. Interested pupils can take a glance at examples found in the Previews section and contact us about coming activities. 


We will continue to update the contents with better solutions and add  related Examples and Exercises related to the coming PSLE papers.